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Back Yard
One of my favorite hobbies is gardening. Pictures of our back yard and the gardens I put in! Added February 22, 2000
Stepping Stone
You asked for it so here it is! How to install a stepping stone pathway using clay soil. Added August 1, 2003


Live Oak Trees
Quercus virginiana
Page 1
It was tree pruning time so I took some before and after pictures of the LIve Oak trees in my front yard. What a difference a little pruning can make! Added March 24, 2002
Live Oak Trees
Quercus virginiana
Page 2
Pictures of my Live Oak trees in my back yard. Updated September 16, 2002
Bradford Pear Trees
Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford'
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A garden just isn't complete without a Bradford Pear tree or two... or four! Added March 24, 2002
Bradford Pear Trees
Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford'
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Nothing can match the incredible beauty of the Bradford Pear tree showing off its brilliant red and yellow Fall colors. This is a real treat! Updated September 16, 2002
Saucer Magnolia Trees
Magnolia soulangiana
Saucer Magnolia trees are a sight to see when in full bloom. The flowers and buds are simply striking! Updated September 16, 2002
Star Magnolia Trees
Magnolia stellata
Another striking Magnolia tree! The white star shaped flowers show off their best in a dark corner. Updated September 16, 2002
Little Gem Magnolia Trees
Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'
Just like the traditional Magnolia tree, only smaller. The Little Gem Magnolia is the perfect Magnolia tree for those who want the beauty, but don't have a lot of space. Updated September 16, 2002


Chinese Fringe-Flower
Loropetalum chinense rubrum
'Hines Purpleleaf' Plum Delight
This is an oustanding shrub with beautiful brilliant pink flowers and dark purple leaves. One of my favorites! Added February 8, 2003


Lantana camara Lantana is one of the most rewarding perrinial flowers to grow. It comes back year after year with a proliferation of flowers from Spring until frost! Added September 28, 2002
Flowers These are some of the flowers that we have blooming in my gardens in February. Added February 22, 2000

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