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Saucer Magnolia Trees
Magnolia soulangiana

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There are few plants as striking and bold as the Saucer Magnolia in full bloom!

The Saucer Magnolia is a deciduous tree with huge leaves that drop each Fall. The tree remains bare all Winter long. Then, in early Spring, the entire tree bursts into color as the huge flowers bloom!
The Saucer Magnolia flowers are deep, brilliant pink on the outside. These huge buds are about 3" tall, and they cover the branches of the entire tree.
The flower is simply incredible when it finally opens. The deep pink outside color of each flower petal is contrasted with white on the inside. These flowers are a true work of art.

Basic Facts

Common Name:  Saucer Magnolia
Scientific Name:  Magnolia soulangiana
Hardiness Zones:  4 to 9
Habit:  Deciduous
Growth Rate:  Moderate
Site Requirements:  Sun to partial shade; moist, well drained soil
Texture:  Medium to coarse
Form:  Upright in youth; often multistemmed; low, wide spreading branches; rounded at maturity
Height:  15 to 25'
Width:  15 to 25'
Leaf:  3 to 6" alternate, simple leaves, variable fall color
Flower/Fruit:  5 to 10" white, pink, to pink-purple flowers in early Spring
Comments:  Plant late-flowering cultivars to avoid frost damage; fleshy root system; flowers at early age

Facts Source:  NC State University Plant Facts
Zone Map:  USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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