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Star Magnolia Trees
Magnolia stellata

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The Star Magnolia in full bloom reminds me of a plant covered in snow. It is especially beautiful when placed in a dark area where the while star shaped flowers are in high contrast to the background.

This picture is somewhat difficult for me to include in my photo album because I will be removing this plant and replacing it. The lawn care company I had hired could not seem to understand that this is a TREE, not a bush. Sadly, they continued to cut it down every time it grew even after numerous complaints. If you look closely, you can see some of the cut branches in this picture. The shape of the tree is forever and completely ruined. It will never grow as it was intended. I have no choice but to replace this plant. And, yes, the lawn care company has been fired.
Even the buds of the Star Magnolia are beautiful. Inside that package is a beautiful flower about to burst open.
It's easy to see how this plant received its name with its star shaped flowers. The flowers are pure white with just a hint of pink. These beautiful flowers completely cover the tree in late Winter.

Basic Facts

Common Name:  Star Magnolia
Scientific Name:  Magnolia stella
Hardiness Zones:  4 to 8
Habit:  Deciduous
Growth Rate:  Slow
Site Requirements:  Sun; range of soil types (clay, sand)
Texture:  Medium
Form:  Shrubby; dense oval to rounded; usually multistemmed
Height:  10 to 20'
Width:  10 to 15'
Leaf:  2 to 4" alternate, simple, light green leaves; modest yellow to bronze fall color
Flower/Fruit:  2 to 4" white, fragrant, flowers in late Winter to early Spring; fruit is not showy
Comments:  Earliest of the deciduous magnolias to flower; frost sensitive; plant in protected site; tolerates heat

Facts Source:  NC State University Plant Facts
Zone Map:  USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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