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Live Oak Trees
Quercus virginiana
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I love Live Oak trees! They are not only beautiful and strong trees, but they attract birds, squirrels and offer wonderful shade from our hot Summer sun!

I have a total of 7 Live Oak trees in my yard - 3 in front and 4 in back. They are still young trees and require frequent pruning in order to train the trees to grow tall enough to go over the roof of my house.

In August 2000, I hired a tree pruning company to prune all of my trees. Here are some before and after pictures of the trees in my front yard.

Below is the first tree. Somewhere in that mess of branches was a beautiful tree just waiting to show itself. This tree is quickly becoming my favorite of the 3 trees in my front yard.
BEFORE            AFTER

This picture is a little deceiving as it makes the tree look smaller after being pruned than it really is. I was farther away when I took the "after" picture so the tree appears smaller. Also, the leaves of the plant behind the tree in the "before" picture look as if they are part of the tree itself.
BEFORE            AFTER

This is my problem tree in the front yard. It simply refuses to branch! And the branches it does grow tend to pull downward and become too low. So this tree will have a taller trunk before it branches out than the two other trees, but that's okay. It still blends in nicely.
BEFORE            AFTER

One of the things I liked most about having the trees pruned is that you can finally see my house again! I had tried to take a picture of my house, but all I could photograph were three trees and a mess of branches. You could see the bottom of my house and some of the roof, but everything else was blocked by the trees. Now that the trees have been pruned, the house and front landscaping can be easily seen.


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